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It's all about passion and the power of community

We build a strong community of individuals helping each other to achieve their full potential. We bring private and public offers for job orientation in the right time to the young generation.

The challenge:

Our society needs everyone to overcome the crisis. Young people are in the job orientation phase now and the situation is confusing and fast-changing. Only in Germany, 1,3 Mio young people have to take the next step after school or university in 2020. More than 60.000 apprenticeships aren’t available, no fairs, and fewer schools focus on job orientation. Most organizations are in trouble and don’t support the young generation in job orientation.

What if we inspire and empower them to take the next step? Not everyone has a supportive network, but we love to create one – for everyone. Be part of it!

What is in for all of us: reduction of unemployment, less pressure on the social support system, social inclusion, more productivity and satisfaction at work, and motivated new colleagues.

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