Our vision

A world full of passionate people loving what they do and supporting each other to achieve their full potential.

Our team

We are an international team from Germany and Switzerland passionate about innovating the job orientation with a non profit app focussed on personal and emotional insights for jobs, a strong helpful network and valuable guidance to existing offers of private and public sector. Several people had good ideas and we took the best to create the concept of KEY2BE.ME. Until now we worked during three Hackathons to improve it and start developing.

Our history

#WirVsVirus Hackathon Germany

With the #WirVsVirus Hackathon in Germany we started going out with the idea. We worked in a team with Franziska, Stephanie, Govinda, Daniel, Annsophie, Dennis, Eva and Andreas to create the following video and a landingpage with the name purposvibe.de

Beeing part of this hackathon was an awesome experience. So we continued.

#versusvirus Hackathon Switzerland

In the second iteration we changed the name: passionvibes.eu. We got additional team members: Konrad, Andrada, Dan and Ekaterina. Slowly we switched to english, built a working prototype and we got highlighted by the jury! Lots of calls to mentors and partners were following during the next weeks. This is our video from the #versusvirus:

#EUvsVirus Hackathon Europe

The third iteration was the EUvsVirus Hackathon, now supported by the EU. Meanwhile Hanna had already joined the team, and Skadi, Everest and Robin came on top during our third hackathon. Giuseppe and Muna joined as our mentors. Again we jumped into the future with our development, found our third and final name key2be.me. Here is our pitch from #EUvsVirus:


We believe that every young human holds a passion, like a fire that brings light in the darkness.

Helping in Job orientation with inspiration and step by step support by creating a integrating powerful partnership community.


A world full of passionate people loving what they do and supporting each other to achieve their full potential.


Berufsorientierung muss zu der Welt passen, in der wir leben. Junge Menschen haben


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PassionVibes Video platform

for job orientation

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Um Ziele zu erreichen braucht es neben der Fachlichkeit auch Freude an der Zusammenarbeit. Mit dieser wollen wir weiterhin Berufsorientierung so gestalten, dass sie in die Welt passt in der wir leben.

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